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The 13/09/13 Violeta came with me to Kristiansand, my home town. It was very spontaneous. She was going to Stavanger on Saturday so our time in Kristiansand was limited, but she got to see some of the city. It was really cool having here there. This was the first visit to Kristiansand, but far from the last. We stayed at Joakim (my boyfriend), Daniel and Samuels’s house. Joakim and I showed Violeta Kristiansand. Violeta is one of my roommate at Hald. 

This beautiful and talented woman is Violeta my new and awesome friend. She is sitting next to the ocean which she btw loves with Kristiansand in the background.  




Violeta and me ❤



Susila and Radha


The international students came to Hald one week before we came, however the two Nepali girls Susila and Radha had not arrived. There were some Visa problems. That sucked for I really wanted to meet them at once. However NOW they have arrived two weeks after we the Norwegians came to Hald. Vilde and I have been waiting and waiting for them. We were never certain on the date that they would arrive. Susila is going to stay in our room, which means with Violeta, Vilde and Me. My first impression of them was good, but we were very shy towards each other. Now it has gone some more weeks and our relationship has grown. They are teaching Vilde and me Nepali, or I am forcing them to but they don’t seem to mind it. They are laughing all the time when we try to speak Nepali. I believe that’s good for laughter binds people even closer together and that’s what I believe is happening in our relationship.  They are really sweet and today they taught Vilde and me Nepali dance. The bonding is going good. They are making me even more exited for my journey to Nepal.

Susila and Radha                                                                     Susila, me and Radha

DSC00950 DSC00951

At Hald


Im now at Hald. I have been here for three weeks. The second of Oktober im leaving for NEPAL. I dont really know what to expect but im praying and hoping it will be good. I have a great team mate; VIlde Mari, which makes things easier. We are quite similar but at the same time so diffrent.IMG_3871