My journey to Nepal


Vilde and I arrived in Nepal the 3.10.13, a Wednesday. We left on Tuesday. Leaving Kristiansand was easier then I had imagined. Even though I have a boyfriend, whom I will miss so much, and my parents whom I will also miss, I felt ready to go to Nepal. I know Joakim will visit me in Christmas and my mom in November.

Me being originally from Nepal (by saying originally I mean born in Nepal and then adopted when I was 6 years old) and having stayed there in total 11 years when I was younger, makes the coming back to Nepal feel somewhat natural. Nepal is like a second home for me. However, coming back to Nepal came with mixed feelings.

Flying is not something I am that comfortable with, even though I have flown with my parents forth and back from Nepal when I was younger. However, the flight, journey to Nepal was very easy and I would even dare to say fun. The reason I say it was fun is because on the Qatar airline they had a tv screen on every seat in the plain. My flight schedule was: Kristiansand – Oslo – Qatar – Nepal (Kathmandu). The flight from Oslo to Qatar took 6 hours. We just watched tv. Then on the 4-hour trip from Qatar to Nepal, we slept for three hour or so. This is when the feelings in my heart, stomach and head started to kick in. If you know the movie, Tangled, and remember the scene when she escapes from the tower to go and see the lanterns, that is exactly how I felt. I was feeling so sick in my whole body, but at the same time so calm with my choice of going to Nepal. There was this continuously fight in my head, stomach and heart. However, when we finally landed in Kathmandu my whole body fell at ease. I felt calm and only calm.


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