My first experiences


We have been here for three days now, but personally, because of all the impressions that I am filled with i feel like we have been here for one week. Just now the power went out which it does two times a day for some hours. It is ok but then I cannot charge my computer and that sucks. In the picture under is VIlde and me sitting in the darkness. we do have a generater, but the light in the livingroom does not work.


Vilde and me were just about to prepare our first PowerPoint presentation that we are to hold for a camp that the NBC (the youth group of the NBCBS that we are working with, (Laget i Nepal).) has arranged. It starts tomorrow and lasts for three days. On Monday, we get one hour to talk about Norway so I think that will go ok. Well now, I feel like I am rushing here. Just to give you all a fast update on what I have been through very roughly until now.

Thursday 03.10.13: we arrived to Nepal. Sharad the general secretary for NBCBS came and picked us up. He showed us around in our apartment, which is one floor above from theirs. We are the third floor. The first is the NBCBS office. The fourth flour is new. They started to build it in 2011. The room in the fourth floor is used for bible study and gatherings with the CBS leaders.

Friday 04.10.13: Sharad is so nice to us and lets us eat with them, but he says that from the 16 October we have to start making food for ourselves. He was so sweet and made breakfast for us today. He tried to cook something for us but it failed so he just bought some from the store. So therefore, our breakfast was cake with peanut butter. It was the sweetest breakfast I have had for a very long time. He also gave us coffee with more sugar than you can imagine, though it did taste good. In addition, he gave us sweet orange juice.

After breakfast, VJ the secretary for the CBS (youth group) showed Vilde and me around. He showed us where we could buy food and where we could take out money. He showed us Javlakel (i think I spelled it wrong, I will correct it later). Anyways this is where I lived for 5 years with my family when I was younger. Therefore, when he showed us around I felt like I was talking more than him, and explaining things to Vilde.  I could not help it I was so excited to see all the familiar places. It was so fun to get all the associations and memories. Then VJ showed us a Nepali restaurant where we ate Dhal Baht (the national dish in Nepal). It was so good. The rest of the day, we just slept and rested.

Saturday 05.10.13: In Nepal Saturday is the day one goes to the church. Today Sharad wanted to show his church. Vilde and I were so insecure on what to wear, but when we arrived, we saw that they were all wearing different things. However, most of the woman did were either sari or kurta. The sermon started at 10 and ended at 13. It lasted for a long time but it was fine. There were approximately three hundred people there.

When I went to church, I look at the world through my Norwegian glasses. What I mean by this is that I feel like I am a Norwegian girl. When I look at the other people, I feel like Vilde. Then I look at my hands and remember that I actually look like them. One of my concerns has been how the Nepali people will react to me looking like them, coming back to Nepal, and proclaiming that I am Norwegian. Today in church, I got three different reactions to this.

1)     This woman herd me trying to speak  Nepali to Vilde. She turned to us and asked what we were trying to say. She was very kind and helped us pronounce it properly. She liked that I was born in Nepal returning to Nepal. She smiled and wished us all the best.

2)     A man came up to us and started to talk to me in Nepali. I answered: Nepali Aundeina (I do not understand Nepali) he just looked at me and continued to speak Nepali. Then he said “it is good to know your mother tongue”. Then he spoke some more Nepali and left. He was polite and all, but did not really understand why I did not know Nepali.

3)     Then there was this man who was from UK who was visiting the church. He asked Vilde and me if we were from Norway. We said yes. Then I said I was born in Nepal. Then he looked at me and said: “did you not say you were Norwegian?” I then tried to explain to him that I was adopted, but he just looked at me. Then he just nodded and smiled.

If I am to pick my favorite reaction it would be the first one, but on the other side, I somewhat just have to except the fact that I will get many different reactions. I might even get different reactions then the once I have mentioned here.

When we came home from the church Vilde and I were invited to join the CBS meeating. they were prepering for the camp. They gave us a worm welcome and gave us flowers and a scarf. IMG_4273


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  1. Dear Kaja it was so great to read about your whereabouts at the moment. I was a bit anxious not to be able to get in touch for several days. It sounds as you are having a really great time and I look forward to read more in the coming days. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me and all of us. I wont comment on your spelling mistakes they are just charming (I might have quite a few too :-)) What is Vildes blog adress by the way? Warm greetings to her as well. With love from mom

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