Our first camp


Sunday to Tusday we were attending a youth camp for secondary highschoolers. At Hald I learned that when I come to a new culture i should think like this: the new culture is not BETTER, it is not WORSE, it is just DIFFRENT. That thought has helped me so much these three days. I know I am Nepali, but i have never been part of something like this before either. This camp was so very much DIFFRENT then the cmaps that i am used to in Norway.


There were 154 students attending the camp. They were so exited to be there. Vilde and me did not know what to expect. The camp was held in a church beacuse it was cheeper to lend. The picture on the right is the church. It was nice.

Then the program started. It was 7am Monday morning. It was first a song for worshiping and then preaching. In Norway i am used to one man or woman who comes and preaches to us for maybe one hour or less. Here they had 11 preaches or lectures that lasted for 45min. Or they were sopose to last for 45min, but here in Nepal they have Nepali time which means they can go on for as long as they please. Therfore the spoke person usualy spoke for 30min extra. Because of this even though they had a scedual that they tried to follow, but it never work.

For Vilde and me to sit still and listen for 45min +++ was so difficult. The students around us were so excelent in sitting still. We had to lean agains the wall, even though that was not alound. In the church all the boys sit on the right side and the girls on the left side. They do this still even on a youth camp because it is tradition they told me. In the picture under we are singing a song. The Huge diffrence from Norway and Nepal camp was that


in Norway we play many games and have much action. In Nepal they have many lectures for a long time. The Nepali people enjoy this. The breakes they had lasted for 5min or they played one song. The breakfest in Nepal or this camp was really inresting. On Monday we had two biscuts and black tea. then on Tusday we had two white bread with jam and one egg and black tea. then the third day we had this:

IMG_4320In the picture to the right it is beens and a sort of rice that does not need to be cooked. It was a heavy breakfest but good.

On this camp we also got new friends. That was so fun. We got to know so much more about the nepali culture. Rachel one of the voulentiers for the CBS was to translate for us. She was so good at making us feel included. Because of this we got a really nice friendship going on with her. We also got to know a girl named Sarun, two boyes named Hezron, Bikram and VJ.


In the picture to the left the people included are: from left to right: Rachel, Vilde, VJ and Bikram. Here we are eating breakfest the third day.

 Sahron is the doughter of Shard. She is 15 years old and in this camp we got to know each other so much better. When Rachel was bussy Sahron translated for us. Her english is very good. She is so meture for her age which made it so much fun to talk with her.

                 Sharon, me and Rachel.

IMG_4324Here is Vilde and Saun playing a game, tired of the lecture


Me and Rachel


On Monday Vilde and me had a presentation of Norway. This was our first challang so far, and i think we did a great job. They atleast seamed intrested. We also played a game and we tought them “å du som metter”. One of the Norwegian blessing songs for the food. This is P1040855us holding the presentation. I am so proud of us. We are on the highway of becoming meture. The feeling after having talked infront of 154 youths was good.


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