Pokhara, 6 days


We have not even been here for one week and we are on our way to our second camp.  It is Wendsday and we are sitting on the bus on our way to Pokhara. It takes 7 hours with breaks and bad roades. The bustrip went really well. The bus was small with not enough seats for everyone, but “no problem” here. They just “make place”.  Vilde and I sat so close to each other i could feel her body heat making me swet even more.













This conference is held by the CGF. The conference was for the graduates. I thought it was just newly graduates, but no. In the camp there were actually some just graduates, but mostly old people with their families. I was so worried having been to the youth camp with all the long lecures, coming to the graduates’ camp with people from the next generation. We did not know here either what to expect.

However, the conference was so much more fun then the youth camp. What made the camp so much more enjoyeble for us was that they had “get to know each other” games. There was this kind of program leader who was very enerjetic and just talked and talked and made it so casual and fun. We had to intreduse ourselves more then five times. In the end i became very good at knowing i lived in “Nakoh in Lallitpor” in Kathmandu.



In this camp, we learned more about Apologetics and we learned about marriage. It was all very interesting, even though it was in Nepali. Bikram translated very well for us.

The second day at the conference, we attended the morning walk. We had to wake up at 5am. It was crazy, but worth it. We got to see the beautiful mountains with fishtale. We also got to see a hug tempel where because of the “Dashain” festival there were many people in line for worshiping their Gods.











a man, Bikram, Vilde and VJ.


We also met a former Hald student.  He had attended Hald in 2011- 2012. It was really fun talking to him and sharing experiances and talking about Norway.


Also this day there was some sightsing around Pokhara. That was so much fun. We saw Davi’s fall and went to the lakeside and took boat trips around a little island with a tempel in it. We also went to this park, had games, and socialized. This also made the camp more fun. (To be honest i thought the youth camp was to be something like this and not the CGF-conference)

Davi’s Fall:










The lakeside in our boats on our way to the tempel.




Vilde and Bikram having fun on the island



Bikram, Me, Vilde, Vj’s friend, Hezron



The rest of the camp went by very nicely except that the womans toilet became blocked the third day we were there. So sad but we were leaving so it was fine. The people we had traveled with to the camp now took the same bus back, but Vilde and I were going to stay in Pokhara for three more days. Now we are tourists.

We got to stay with Gobinda and his family. They lived not so far away from the church where the camp was held. They were a really sweet family.  Gobinda showed his church and we attended an engagment party. This party was so intresting for all they did was echange gifts. This was to be a symbol, like an engagement ring, that they were now to be together. They exchange gifts insted of rings because it is more cheep. They then exchange rings when they get married.

Gobinda and his doughter taking a walk, showing Vilde and me his place. The picture to the right is the view from his front door. AMAZING!!


We went to this near by football feeld and the mountains were so cool. Wherever we walked in Pokahara we could see he mountains so very well.



















Gobinda also took us to see the mountains, with fishtail, even closer.  We had to wake up 4am. We took a taxi for quit a long time and we reached this hill. We came to the hilltop where there was this tower. The purpose of coming here was to be able to see the sunrise, BUT it was too cloudy. That was so sad, however the view was still amazing. (It is quit ironic how when we were far away from the mountains they looked so great and when we came closer they looked not SO good. i think it also had to do something with the poor light so early in the moring and the lack of sunlight because of the clouds.)



















We got to see the Pokhara valley really good from the view point.



















By staying with Gobindas family for the extra three days gave Vilde and me some more bonding time. It was so nice. We talked and found out that we had many thoughts in comon. However, we both agreed that coming back “home” to Kathmandu would be nice. We have been so busy for sutch a long time now and need som rest, some pease in mind. When we came home we were so hungry for the bus never stoped on the trip “home”. Therefore when we came “home” we opend one of our norwegian sheeses and ate with norwegian crackers. It was amazing after not eating anything, except some candy and chips for 7 hours. We were also very pleased with having the internett back having leaved without it for 6 days.



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