Back “home”


Vilde and I are now finally back in our apartment. The journey to Pokhara was fun, but being in Kathmandu and getting ready to start our work here is even better. We came back on Monday and we imagined that Tuesday would be a chill day. It was sort of a chill day, just with a lot of action.

Tuesday morning. Vilde and I learned how to make bhat and takari. Sanjana, Sharads wife, thought us. She was so helpful. She showed were we could buy the things we needed, the spices, the vegetables and the rest. Vilde and I are so lucky having a grocery store rite next to our house and a vegetable market very close by. Sanjana had a sort of cooking class with us. I must admit it did not seem so hard, though Vilde and I have not tried it out by ourselves yet. 



Me and Vilde enjoying “our” first home cooked meal.


Tuesday afternoon, Vilde and I attended a baby dedication ceremony. A woman came in the morning inviting Sharad and his family to the ceremony. Somehow we were invited as well. The ceremony was so interesting. It is somewhat a tradition, ritual. It was the family members, some close friends (including Vilde and I) and the pastor that was invited. We prayed for the baby and the family. Then like in many other gatherings, the guests got Dhalbhat (rice + meat + potatoes). 

 Vilde and i got the opportunity to hold the sweet baby girl named: Beyoncé




Tuesday evening. Bikram our new and great friend wanted to be with us. He has vacation now because of the “Dhasain” festival. Most of the schoolchildren have one month free from school now. Bikram was so kind and showed us around Kathmandu. He was our free guide, packed with information about Kathmandu Valley. 


Later we all went to our apartment. We got our FIRST visitor. It was so much fun. We served him coffee and Norwegian chocolate. He served us Choco pie.




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