This is the most interesting thing I have gotten to know until now, about the geographic of Nepal. I have lived in Kathmandu for 5 years OR so I was told. Just now, found out that I have been living in Lalitpur. It is a totally different city. Ok not so far away from Kathmandu and it is difficult to separate them, BUT the important thing is that I have never ever lived in Kathmandu. NOT even now. I have and still am living in Lalitpur. However, I have lived in Kathmandu valley. This valley is made up of Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur.

Well so on Wednesday we went to Bhaktapur (one of the cities in Kathmandu valley). We were to meet Nishan a former Hald student. We took a bus to reach Bhaktapur. This was the first time we went all alone on the bus. We had to pay ourselves, make sure that we got the right price, and we had to know where to get off the bus. And of cours this one day when Vilde and I were to take the bus ALONE the bus was so crazy packed (might be because of the “Dasain” festival. There is less trafic and less busses because people go home to their home towns to be with their families). Vilde and I were hugging people unwillingly and we were crunched into other people. The worst part was when someone from the back of the bus was going off. They just squeezed their way out where there did not exist a way. People fell and even though the bus was packed, it did not hinder people entering the bus.


Well when we had asked many people where our stop might be we managed to get off on the rite one. Nishan came and showed us around his hometown. He took us to this really cool “sidapokhari (genuine pound)” (fish pound). It was so cool. We got to feed the fishes.



Vilde, fish food, me


Vilde, Fish food and Nishan Nagarkoti


Vilde and I were then starving so we went and ate momo. This is maybe the Nepali fast food. I love it.


He then invited us to his home. This is something I really enjoy with the Nepali people. They are so open and are always very quick at inviting us to their church and home. We were served “kalo chia (blad tea)”, biscutes and fruites. We shared about Hald and he told about his time in Norway and Hald. It is so cool to meet the former Hald students. Nishan is the third student we have met until now.



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