Quick Summary


Vilde and I are making our own food, Daalbhaat. For every time we make it the spices increase. We are getting better and better,. Our goal is to be as good as the locals.


Friday: We got the opportunity to do some manual labor. We helped clean the Nbcbs’s garden.


Saturday: We joined Rachel in her church. Here I experienced the wirdest feeling. I felt naked on my head!


After church Rachel invited us to her home. We were served lunch, tasted great.


Sunday: Sharad showed us one of the eldest churches. Every Sundays they have english worship meetings. That was so nice to finally be able to understand the whole happening from start to end. We also got to sing english songs which felt so great.

(Sharad, P.A. thomas, Vilde)


Monday and Wednesday: Vilde and I have now started Nepali lessons. We are also having fellowship with children from “One way home”. We told them the story of the three piglets and the bad wolf. We then drew the story. It was so much fun because the kids were so exited and loved to draw.


Tuesday: I showed Vilde where i have lived and the school i went to (KISC). It was so cool walking down the same streets i have walked so many times before. There were many changes. There were new stores and there was a lot of road work going on, but i was still able to recognize the roads and I got a lot of flashbacks.

My house (or the gate to my house):




Road work:



Vilde buying a ncall card for her phone:


On our way home we chose to take the bus because we had walked for such a long time. When we took the bus it suddently took a wird turn. We knew we had taken the right bus so we got so confused. We then understood that it stoped to get more diesel. Vilde and i were laughing so hard. The bus was packed, but come on the bus must have diesel…


Thursday: Preparing bible studdy. We needed inspiration so we went out and ate momo.  We went for a walk and sat close to the road. Here is a part of the road to the “Norwegian house” where we have Nepali lessons.


We have now had three Nepali lessons. I know understand 1% more then before.  I am so pleased.



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