Time is passing by faster then what I would have liked it to. This is both because I am enjoying my time in Nepal and because I have a paper to write. When it comes to my paper, I wanted to interview some Nepali people. I started dreaming about all the people I wanted to interview. I wrote a list and made questions. It wasn’t before I was walking with Vilde to our usual language class Monday morning when I was brought out of my dreams and intro reality. The streets were empty and many of the shops were closed. People walking, people cycling, people were everywhere. It was BAND (band means: closed).



Why was there a band? Well because of the election. Election with around 60 parties. However there was this party that was aginst this election. They did not support this election and tried therefore to hinder it. Vilde and I heard about bombs going off around in Nepal. Were we scared? Well… yes a bit, even though the area we live in was more peaceful with army people everywhere. We were advised by our friends and guardians to stay inside. Well this then meant that interviewing the people I wanted to interview became a challenge. I did not really want to go far and people did not really want to come to me. The whole plan then had to be postponed for one week. The band lasting for 10 days or so ended with the election on November 19, a Tuesday.

What I heard from some Nepali people was that for this election they hoped for a constitution. That was their biggest wish. Now only time will show what will happen.

On November 20, Vilde and I sat and had Nepali lessons. Right next to us, many, many people were standing in a crowd, waiting for the results. Mostly men were standing and waiting.



November 22, today, the results was announced. People walking in around and crowding about celebrating and waving flags. Are people pleased with the outcome? Well it looks like it and the people we have met have not said anything that has proven otherwise.


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