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On Wednesday the 29 of January Vilde and I were to go to Butwal for a youth camp. We were originally going to Trisuli, but because of some delays with the school we were to work with, we were not able to come as planned. We then were to go to Butwal first and then Trisuli. Going to Butwal was so much fun. SO, here are some of the highlights of the trip:

The day we were to leave for Butwal we had slept over at Tyrannus hall. We were there the day before to have bible study as is usual on Tuesdays. However, this Wednesday we were not to go back home to our house and prepare a new bible study. This time we were to wake up at 5 in the morning get ready and go to Kalanki to get a local bus to Butwal. Waking up that early was rather difficult and painful. We had gone to bed at around 12 or later. I tried to sleep but it became more or less impossible, because the time was too short. When we were to wake up I think I only slept three hours or less. On our journey to Butwal, we were accompanied by Barat and PA Thomas, which I was very grateful for. It was so nice not to be in charge of the journey and just let someone else lead us. We took a taxi to Kalanki and waited there for almost two hours before we got on a bus.

Vilde, Barat and PA Thomas at Kalanki. 

IMG_7407 (1024x768)

Since Vilde and I were just following we did not ask to many questions and just followed Barats and PA Thomases lead. We got on the bus, but there were no one else there. We looked at each other and agreed that we would just trust Barat and PA Thomas. Besides I was to tired to really understand the situation, I just wanted to get on the bus and sleep. I tried to rest, but the bus was just standing still. I waited and waited and then finally it moved, but it was only to get closer to the sidewalk. I then sighed and tried to sleep anyways. Then again it started to move. I got so happy and tried to find a comfortable position for my head, when I looked outside the window, and to my big surprise, the bus turned around. We were suppose to go straight forwards but it turned back again. I got so shocked, turned to look at Barat, but then just accepted it and went to sleep. When I woke we were surrounded by monks, outside and inside our bus.

P1080283 (1024x768)

P1080290 (1024x768)


They started at us and we started at them. I think they were just as confused as we were. We later figured out that the mokes had rented the bus and had four seats available that somehow became ours. We therefore drove with the monks for 8 hours to reach Butwal. The experience just sitting in a bus full of monks was weird and exiting at the same time. They were so friendly and offered candy and oranges to us.




P1080306 (1024x768)

On our way to Butwal there had happened a road accident. All the monks rushed out of the bus and went to see what was happening. Vilde and I also went out but to look at the beautiful view.





P1080308 (1024x768)


Me, PA Tomas and …… looking at the river and people working. 






You can see all the red dresses monks in the crowed.


When we finally arrived to Butwal we could see many bike rickshaws. I said to Vilde, it would be so much fun if we could ride on one of them, and before I knew it, we were sitting on one. It was so much fun, though I felt bad for the man cycling with us and our luggage.

IMG_7424 (1024x768)


We could not spot any taxies in Butwal. We soon realized that the bike rickshaws were the taxies.



We then left our luggage in PA Thomases room and went for the camp. When we arrived there, there were not too many people, youths there but they came gradually.

On our way to the church.


IMG_7436 (1024x768)


They still had their christmus decorations on the walls. However it still decorated the church.

IMG_7438 (1024x768)

My camp experience this time was totally different from our first camp. For example, when we were to sit down and listen for hours to lectures in Nepali, sitting on the floor was easier than expected. I was proud of myself; it only took four months to get the hang of it. (It still pains a bit sitting too long, but I am not dyeing to get close to a wall or chair) Another thing was that on this camp they did much more activities. Ok, it wasn’t crazy much, but they sang more and had songs with movements to shake our tired bodies.


IMG_7498 (1024x768)

The second day of the camp Vilde and I introduced three games to them and they enjoyed them all. When we tried the games at the yearlier camps it was not recieves as  successful as this time.

We are playing “the winck game” (blunkeleken). They has so much fun and people got so shy which for me was so funny to watch. It also looks like Barat is enjoying the game. 

IMG_7458 (1024x768)


And it looks like Vilde is enjoying the game.



IMG_7466 (1024x768)

The third day we shared about Norway with them:

IMG_7502 (1024x768)

We got some new friends:

IMG_7475 (768x1024)


It was so funny. When i was to take a picture with the girls the old lady just joined as if it was the most natural think to do. She was very sweet and she belonged to the church the camp was held at, so I mean why not. She was a part of this…

IMG_7481 (768x1024)

When the camp was finished Vilde and I went to explore Butwal. For me it was so much fun for my dad had worked there when he was younger and my mom had stayed there aswell. I felt like I was somewhat walking in their footsteps. Even though there was much construction work going on and the weather was not to good, just walking around knowing that my dad and mom had stayed there made me happy. 

We found the Odd Hoftun Street.

IMG_7528 (1024x768)


Really cool Nature.

IMG_7576 (768x1024)


We found a sweet road that somehow remainded me of Mandal.


IMG_7646 (768x1024)