I was so worried and scared about going to Trishuli. Why? Well because it was, something totally knew from what I now was used to in KTM. I was also told that Trishuli was a village. What I pictured was a village village with no fancy houses or anything that looked like a city. What met me when I came to Trishuli was a road with lots of shops on both of the sides. Then we drove with the bus a bit farther up and I saw normal brick and cement houses, everywhere. The place was a bit small yess but fancy yess. I did not expect this at all, but pleased yes. When we were to be shown where we were to live I pointed to this house, for I thought it was so beautiful, and said to Vilde “I hope we are going to live here”. She did not think we would, me neither deep within myself, but we did and we do live there.


We are working with a school (NBA – National Bethel Academy) for children in nursery up to 5th grade. Vilde and I had been told that we were going to be English teachers. Well the options for what we could teach were even more open than that. When we talked with the principle, he said we could create our own schedule and it would be fine. Well this nice flexibility became way too much for us, so we asked if they could just make a schedule for us. Well they did and we became Art and Craft and PE teachers. I felt that was perfect for us. We are both artistic and I love PE.

I am not a teacher. I have not even been educated a bit to be a teacher. My examples of teachers are the ones that thought me and the examples I have seen on TV. How would it go when I was to try to teach?

We were to have classes with 3rd, 4th and 5th class. Their English skills better then I hoped for. Their manners good and their interest in us huge. I think the fact that Vilde and I had all the fun subjects with the students made them more enthusiastic with us.

Class three, crazy. I think this class was the hardest for me to handle. The kinds all so cute, smart, and helpful, but they had so much energy. Where did they get it all from? They did not like their seats. They did not like to sit still too long. When we gave them a task and were finished which btw was a competition for some of the students they would run up to us and show us. Suddenly we were surrounded by four five students showing us their great work. In this class, keeping your head straight was very important.


Class four, wanted us to teach them all the time. When we thought them, they sat in their seat and they tried to do what we said, but English could sometimes be a problem. When we had PE with them, they were always enthusiastic and wanted to try all our wired new games. However, we did not teach them every day. Some of the students really wanted us to come and teach. They would ask us repeatedly. Mark their English teacher would let us come with them in one class and the students would be so happy, and then the next day ask for us again.


Class five, the eldest ones. Teaching them was very fun and challenging, and to find things that would capture their attention not always to easy. When we thought them Art and Craft they would always take what we said so seriously. I rather enjoyed that, but at the same time scared for saying wrong stuff to them.

IMG_8573 (1280x960)

Now when my time as a teacher in Trisuli is over I am kind of pleased with myself. It went better then I could have expected. The students were so awesome. So do I want to be a teacher? Well to be honest not really. After having had two classes with them I felt exhausted at the end of the day. Challenging and fun to teach them, but a future for me, don’t think so, NOW atleast.




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